Mindener Tageblatt:

"Jermaine Landsberger sweeps over the keys with breathtaking dexterity and great expression and sends the audience into a storm of applause"

Pat Martino:

"In the evolution of any instrument, there's only a handful who are really innovative. This guy's one of them. Jermaine Landsberger is a formidable artist, a master with the flame!"

Süddeutsche Zeitung:

"Landsberger opens a wide showcase full of styles, tempi and moods. Between bebop, keyboard artistry and cinematic ballad meltdown"

The Lion, France:

"A magnificent pianist!"

Randy Brecker:

"Jermaine's Music offer a wide sonic and stylistc palette to choose from, with just a hint of his Sinti-Backround, but all have that particular Gypsy harmonic sensibility which brings a tear to the eye while it's swinging like mad at the same time"


"For all his orientation towards the modern playing style of a Herbie Hancock, for example, Landsberger's Sinto music culture and "gypsy" background always shines through. Explosive and reflective!"

Larry Coryell:

"Jermaine's playing is superb, he can go toe to toe with the best of his genartion, playing with chops, with soul and always with an eye towards new and fresh ideas"


"Jermaine Landsberger Trio, a magical triangle"

Aubagne Magazine, France:

"one of the most talented jazz pianists on the other side of the Rhine"


"Jermaine Landsberger underlines his exceptional position as a modern jazz pianist in the European gypsy scene with this performance"

Augsburger Allgemeine:

"...one of the best organ players on the planet!"

Mittelbayrische Zeitung:

"New star in the jazz sky"

Culture Mirror:

"Landsberger opens up a new world of musical expression on the B3"

Mühldorfer Presse/ Innsalzach24.de:

"Status quo of gypsy jazz!"

Le Monde / USA Jazz Magazine:

"German B-3 player Jermaine Landsberger has brought a new freshness to the jazz organ."

Straight no chaser a jazz show / USA:

"Landsberger has proven he is ready to be crowned a Hammond Hero."

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Jermaine Landsberger, born in 1973 in southern Germany, comes from a very music-loving Sinti family and grew up with the music of the legendary Django Reinhardt. But unlike Reinhardt, Landsberger opted for the piano when choosing his instrument. He initially played in various gypsy ensembles, but soon became increasingly interested in American jazz.
In 1996 he founded his piano trio, with which he recorded his first album in 1997. This was followed shortly afterwards by the album “Gipsy Feeling”, recorded with Bireli Lagrene, and in 2002 by an album as a sideman in the formation “Gypsy Journey” by Scottish guitarist Martin Taylor, with whom he gave numerous concerts in England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Germany in the following years.
In addition to the piano, Landsberger is also a virtuoso on the Hammond B3 organ. In 2006, he founded the trio “Hammond Eggs”.

In 2009, George Klabin, President of “Resonance Records” became aware of Jermaine and produced his US debut album “Gettin Blazed” in Beverly Hills with a US all-star line-up: Pat Martino, Harvey Mason, James Genus, etc. Landsberger also caused a sensation in the USA. “Gettin Blazed” was in the top 10 of the “Radio Jazz Charts Jazzweek” for eight weeks.

Landsberger and his partners Paulo Morello and Christoph Huber released the second “Hammond Eggs” album with Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer and Tony Lakatos in 2013 under the title “Back in the Pan”. Guitarist Larry Coryell, who wrote the liner notes for this album, was so impressed by Jermaine’s playing that he formed a classical guitar-organ trio with Landsberger. This was followed by extensive, successful tours together.

In 2014, Landsberger was invited to Hamburg as a guest for the CD production of Giovanni Weiss and his band “Django Deluxe & NDR Bigband”. In 2017, Landsberger worked as a pianist, co-producer and arranger on the recording of “Souvenir de Paris”, the album by up-and-coming violinist Sandro Roy. Stochelo Rosenberg and Jermaine Landsberger recently released their joint album “Gypsy Today” in 2020.

Today, Jermaine Landsberger is a musical citizen of the world and at home on international stages. His interpretations are characterized by enormous enthusiasm and intensity. Thanks to his departures from tradition and his powerful and melodic piano playing, he has long since established himself as a style-defining pianist on the European gypsy scene.

Landsberger’s latest album “With Heart And Soul” with New York drummer Donald Edwards and Philadelphia-born bassist Daryll Hall was released in November 2022


Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, Pat Martino, Larry Coryell, Harvey Mason, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, James Genus, Domenique Di Piazza, Gregory Hutchinson, Orlando Le Fleming, Donald Edwards, Darryl Hall, Rick Margitza, Gary Meek, Bireli Lagrene, Didier Lockwood, Andre Ceccarelli, Martin Taylor, Jim Mullen, Stochelo Rosenberg, Gabor Bolla, Roby Lakatos, Tony Lakatos, The Rosenberg Trio, Giovanni Weiss, Django Deluxe & NDR-Big Band, Sandro Roy, Marcel Loeffler, Andreas Oberg, Torsten Goods, Wolfgang Haffner, Felix Lehrman, Christian von Kaphengst, Roland Balogh, Paulo Morello, Helmut Kagerer, Wedeli Köhler, Kosta Lukacs, Zipflo Reinhardt, Aladar Pege, Wawau Adler, Gismo Graf Trio, Lancy Falta, Joe Bawelino, Koono, Cathy Rocco, Viviane De Farias and many more.and many more.